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50 Year Heritage

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Authentic Toasted Muesli

The Company

Granola Creations, Bali's finest toasted muesli exclusively made from natural ingredients.

The Brand

Hundred Seeds came into existence in early 2012, when French expatriate, Julien Borello arrived to the shores of Bali to settle on the island for good. Charmed by the beauty of the island, the Balinese people and it's culture, Julien founded Hundred Seeds. His dedication and passion towards healthy and quality food led him into the depths of the Klungkung Jungle where he met farmers engrained in their heritage and traditional farming practices. Climbing Coconut tress for gather rich coconut nectar as well as harvesting natural sea salt directly from the beach provided fresh, natural and delicious ingredients.

With an all natural, pure and chemical free approach Julien decided to purse a quest to make his breakfast dish, Granola. Rich with natural and carefully selected ingredients and whole grains high in fiber, Granola Creations becomes perfect healthy breakfast cereal and energy snack for your day!

Product Information

Granola Creations is a line of delicious crunchy granola made under the brand, "Hundred Seeds".

It has 5 different flavours to choose from:

  1. Dark Chocolate and Banana
  2. Honey and Mango,
  3. Peanut Butter and Chocolate,
  4. Cinnamon and Raisin and
  5. Tropical Fruit and Nuts

All made from whole-food and chemical-free ingredients majorly sourced from small farming communities in Bali and other parts Indonesia.

Available At

Cold Storage Supermarkets, Speciality Stores and Redmart