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80% Rice
Bran Oil

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The Company

Marico is one of India’s leading consumer product companies in the beauty and wellness space. Marico has a workforce of 2500, modern manufacturing facilities in 7 countries and the brands are marketed extensively South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Marico has a market capitalisation of US$ 4.5 Billion and sales of around US$ 1 Billion annually. Marico has nurtured multiple brands in the categories of hair care, skin care, and health foods.

The Brand

Saffola is Marico’s heart care brand with a product range spread over edible oils, functional foods, rice and salt.

Saffola Oats

With over 70% market share, Saffola is the largest brand for Masala Oats in India. Saffola Oats are Savoury and combine vegetables and traditional Indian spices with the goodness of oats. Available in a range of flavors and easy to cook, Saffolla Masala oats are a perfect mid-day snack.

Saffola Oil

Saffola Gold is a blend of 80% rice bran oil and 20% imported refined safflower oil. Developed with the backing of the best advancements in heart care, Saffola oil is packed with Multi-seed, Nutri-Lock and Losorb technology.

Multi-seed technology gives you the goodness of two oils in one.

The Nutri-lock technology protects the natural goodness of the oil.

Losorb Technology ensures a lower absorption of oil in your food.

With Antioxidants – Gives you the power of 5 antioxidants.

Available At

Sonnamera distributes Saffola to 500 general trade stores across Singapore.